Archimedes War Machine

Sovereign child, you reign as the darling devil
A whirlwind of zest hoisting above my calm
You throw the smarts beyond my level
Where each day reads like a brand-new psalm

It is said that simplicity lies in the truth
And your truth dissolves me into infinity
Where the sweat of life pours like vermouth
And your laughter commands a solemn divinity

You found a way to outshine the sun
And gleam through my darkest days
With curious eyes on a hunt for fun
Your perpetual fire was set to amaze

Harness the power you willfully hold
And never let the reins fall
Coyly majestic and delicately bold
You are my daughter, after all

20 thoughts on “Archimedes War Machine

  1. I wasn’t expecting the last line, I like that twist. So I reread it with a different eye and I liked what you did there. Incidentally listening to the band Savage whilst on here makes from some epic reading.

  2. They are a heavy metal band from my home town but were around in the 80’s. Not sure why it fitted in with a poem about your youngest..I blame it on my eccentric side.

  3. Well, Wednesday is a good day. I was born on a Wednesday. I liken it to the reason I’m such an enigma. Neither understood, nor misunderstood. Possibly a figment of my own imagination. But Friday is still a good day to listen to music. The rest of the week feels just like Monday to me. Saturday is ok, and Sunday is rather subdued.

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