Letter for the Community

I am sorry that I haven’t been stopping by your amazing blogs. I have hit a dark hole in my life, and motivation eludes me in every aspect of living. I will try to catch up when the light at the end of the tunnel shines again. Making adjustments and trying to remain afloat until said adjustments feel organic.
In other news, if I were a bad girl, and feeling better, I’d tell you to get your sinning done by Tuesday night, as Lent begins this coming Wednesday. The worse thing I do is swear. Not giving that up for Lent. Tried and failed many years in a row, right out of the gate! I’m giving up Facebook. All those happy people make me want to puke, er, I mean, feel more sadness. I have a sense of humor. It comes and goes without any warning.
Enjoy the remainder of the day, my friends.

My Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

Feeling trapped within a seam
Thoughts and words from a distant dream
The salient aspects of the day
Suddenly have faded to gray
Intangibly or just beyond the clear
To hope I can no longer adhere
For the circuit board of my mind
Has been caught up in a fuzzy bind
This cannot be happening to me
Bleakness blankets all I see
I am lost and need to be found
Within a sad story is where I’m bound
Remove the dust cover and peek inside
Alas, a gleam of light for depression’s lonesome bride

Winter Storm

The ocean’s waves of whipped foam
Discarded angels’ wings and frigid home
Of souls who lost sight of the light of day
In tears that could never be kissed away
I lived a life you’ve fully forgotten
In a stifling catacomb of candied cotton
Like the clouds that rock the sun to sleep
Or the taste of your lips in my mind I keep
The passionate play that we had adored
As the curtain closed, the crowd roared
The end of our time was met with delight
For the frozen horizon leads me home tonight

Goodnight Kiss

The taste of your lips in my mind I keep
With a mournful yearning as cold winds sweep
Beyond the dreams I skillfully hone
And through the marrow of the bone
I seek the presence of your soul
As my longing takes its toll
It’s then I swear I feel your ghost
Softly against my flesh it will coast
Before I sleep and as I pray
I beg the heavens for your light to stay
Yet through the marrow of the bone
I know I’ll dream on all alone

Moonlight and Mourning

The path of light forever shines
In the dreams of a distant tomorrow
Where a kiss erases those lines
Etched with hopelessness and sorrow
Wondrous, the early morning sky
As Venus gleams steadily above
And the hands of time wave goodbye
When I surrender myself to love
Yet, I float amidst a dream
To watch you grieve at my side
Your tears in a moonlit stream
Had drowned me at high tide
The water carried me away
To a reflection of the heavens above
And right there on display
You had surrendered yourself to love