Moonlight and Mourning

The path of light forever shines
In the dreams of a distant tomorrow
Where a kiss erases those lines
Etched with hopelessness and sorrow
Wondrous, the early morning sky
As Venus gleams steadily above
And the hands of time wave goodbye
When I surrender myself to love
Yet, I float amidst a dream
To watch you grieve at my side
Your tears in a moonlit stream
Had drowned me at high tide
The water carried me away
To a reflection of the heavens above
And right there on display
You had surrendered yourself to love

44 thoughts on “Moonlight and Mourning

  1. I really enjoyed this. The gentle flow of words and imagery that moved from place to place gave this a romantic slow dance feeling to me. I can’t help but wonder the connections between Venus and all the water imagery. Were you thinking at all of the “Birth of Venus” painting? Even if not, the connection popped up for me. Thank you.

  2. I read this with the Twin Peaks soundtrack in my ears…I recommend it to everyone to do the same. I do enjoy your words with a hint of celestialism (I assure you not a made up word that I have just made up) in them.

  3. Interesting. That show was available in the UK? Anyway, it’s a word of sorts. I tend to mention the heavens often. I’m an avid stargazer. As far away as the stars are from earth, it lets me feel hopeful that I’m closer to happiness than the stars are to me.

  4. Yup that show was big over here back in the day and I am still slightly obsessed with it. The heavens are indeed fascinating vault of dreams. Happiness is always closer, perhaps in the simplest of things such as stargazing itself.

  5. I had no idea it was shown across the pond. It was one of my faves back in the day! Yes, stargazing is amazing. Here in NJ, at night on a beach, it can be awesome with s telescope.

  6. I have never really spent much time with telescopes, although my friend was making one at one point. Twin Peaks is up there with The Wire as my favourite ever American shows.

  7. I believe they were filming in London a few weeks ago. I watched a series and wasn’t impressed. It seems we are a little at odds in our viewing likes! Telescopes are always handy for peeking on the neighbours too, not that I ever have and other disclaimers…

  8. Thank you for spending a moment on one of my scribbles. I’ve enjoyed your work (is work the right word to use to describe poetry? Somehow i don’t believe so, but it’s all i have) and look forward to following your posts.

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