Goodnight Kiss

The taste of your lips in my mind I keep
With a mournful yearning as cold winds sweep
Beyond the dreams I skillfully hone
And through the marrow of the bone
I seek the presence of your soul
As my longing takes its toll
It’s then I swear I feel your ghost
Softly against my flesh it will coast
Before I sleep and as I pray
I beg the heavens for your light to stay
Yet through the marrow of the bone
I know I’ll dream on all alone

16 thoughts on “Goodnight Kiss

  1. H!, Good night Kiss–Wow–“A Spiritual Love Story” Starts from the day we we’re born until the last Kiss. Married for 59 years we only missed one night–kissing before going to sleep. Some we’re cool, and most we’re not. Kiss me once, and kiss me twice &with & kiss me once again–its been a long, long, time, Thank you for sharing

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