Winter Storm

The ocean’s waves of whipped foam
Discarded angels’ wings and frigid home
Of souls who lost sight of the light of day
In tears that could never be kissed away
I lived a life you’ve fully forgotten
In a stifling catacomb of candied cotton
Like the clouds that rock the sun to sleep
Or the taste of your lips in my mind I keep
The passionate play that we had adored
As the curtain closed, the crowd roared
The end of our time was met with delight
For the frozen horizon leads me home tonight

28 thoughts on “Winter Storm

  1. I got a lot from your imagery…probably all misplaced but this is what I saw, humans, being tossed around like ships, watched by the Gods. So that may be a bit banal I grant you but there is a lot to reread in this and this is but my first reading…fascinating stuff, multi layered and as enjoyable as candied cotton…although that is a guess for I don’t believe I have ever had any.

  2. Take what you may from it. Free interpretation. Half the time, it’s just me not realizing what I’m writing about anyway. But I like what you saw in it. Maybe I’ll run with it!
    Do they have cotton candy on your side of the pond? It’s yummy sweet goodness of air spun hard candy that weaves into what looks like cotton. Yummmmm. The stuff keeps dentists in business. Summertime at the New Jersey shore, pick a boardwalk, it is sold there.

  3. We call it candy floss, my brushes with it usually come from American films with fairs in them…I may avoid them as dentists worry me after I saw that horror film whose name I have forgotten on purpose.

    Just claim that my thoughts were exactly what you were writing about and then make some enigmatic statement about there being more leaving it open for others to comment. It always elevates one’s standing apparently.

  4. Did you see Marathon Man starring Dustin Hoffman? Famous line from dentist scene: “Is it safe?”
    Funny how the same stuff has a different monicker in our countries.
    I’ll just let readers think what they wish, as my thoughts a just fooey these days.

  5. I did see that and what a jolly film that was, ha! I remember when the cleaner Jif was changed to Cif because apparently every single country that didn’t have English as a first language couldn’t pronounce the ‘J’. Madness I tell you.

    Let the readers do the meaning seeking, you just concentrate on keeping the imagery coming…

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