My Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

Feeling trapped within a seam
Thoughts and words from a distant dream
The salient aspects of the day
Suddenly have faded to gray
Intangibly or just beyond the clear
To hope I can no longer adhere
For the circuit board of my mind
Has been caught up in a fuzzy bind
This cannot be happening to me
Bleakness blankets all I see
I am lost and need to be found
Within a sad story is where I’m bound
Remove the dust cover and peek inside
Alas, a gleam of light for depression’s lonesome bride

6 thoughts on “My Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

  1. Sounds like the beginning of a good story taking place within a book. 🙂 I love the imagery. A lot of pointing back to binding and being restrained to a set area, even when not directly stating it, such as the rigidity of a circuit board, or being placed within a book, static and never to move. Very beautiful.

  2. This is well conceived and written, Eva. As Paul said, the beginnings of a good story. It’s filled with marvellous imagery presented through creative metaphors.

    All good wishes,

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