Letter for the Community

I am sorry that I haven’t been stopping by your amazing blogs. I have hit a dark hole in my life, and motivation eludes me in every aspect of living. I will try to catch up when the light at the end of the tunnel shines again. Making adjustments and trying to remain afloat until said adjustments feel organic.
In other news, if I were a bad girl, and feeling better, I’d tell you to get your sinning done by Tuesday night, as Lent begins this coming Wednesday. The worse thing I do is swear. Not giving that up for Lent. Tried and failed many years in a row, right out of the gate! I’m giving up Facebook. All those happy people make me want to puke, er, I mean, feel more sadness. I have a sense of humor. It comes and goes without any warning.
Enjoy the remainder of the day, my friends.

37 thoughts on “Letter for the Community

  1. Sometimes there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we just have to hope someone will let us borrow their flashlight. Hope you find that light 🙂 As for Lent, yes, it feels very demotivational when you try and fail immediately. Been there 😛 Ultimately the idea is to give more time to spend doing something for God, so I just try to give a half hour more a day reading the Bible. Which is to generally say I give half an hour a day to reading the Bible.

  2. When life gets the darkest – rejoice – for it can only get lighter. So they say. The catch is – do we have what it takes to endure while it remains dark.

    Much luv and prayers coming your way, Eva dear, from a friend,

  3. From one old Catholic girl to a younger…Lent starts Wednesday, but did you know that Quinquagesima is this Sunday? That ought to be inspiration for a lover of words…

  4. Fifty days before Lent, if my 7 & 8th grade Religion teacher was right, and if my memory serves me correctly, as I am 45 and 7 & 8th grades were very long ago. Yes, I ought to put that into a poem, btw!

  5. You take your time, blogs will always be here for you to peruse whenever you are ready. Keep your chin up duck! For lent I may give up stress and rubbish things…that’s how awesome I am.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. This time of year can be so draining. We all need a dose of sunshine for a while.
    I was thinking of giving blogging for Lent. Then i laughed. So don’t suppose I’ll be going with that one. 😉 x

  7. I’m still taking high dose Vit D capsules to counteract a massive deficit from last year. Felt awful at the time and for months then discovered what was wrong. I think this might be the first year in I don’t know how many when I haven’t suffered badly from the winter blues. I’m now wondering whether all those previous years have been caused by a similar deficiency. And I had been swallowing anti-depressants instead of Vit D. Makes me wonder.
    I don’t know that much about FB. I’m on it now and again to check posts from WP that link there.
    Won’t be long till the sun’s shining hopefully. 😉 And if we’re lucky we’ll get a summer like we did last year in Scotland – where the sun actually shone.x

  8. I take Lexapro and it doesn’t help. Gotta wonder if a vit D deficiency is the problem. I feel like I’m walking through waist deep mud. I try to fake it until I make it, but I’m a horrible actor. Spring cannot come quick enough.

  9. In my country there is a proverb that literally translates, ‘if you hear the sound of pounding, pound some and eat. Perhaps the soup is made with mud fish!’ What this means is that, not all that glitters is gold. Someone on FB could be experiencing worse situations than yourself, Eva, but they have put on a facade.

    May the joy of Easter bring you peace. And happiness. 🙂 Swear all you can, dear friend. God will close His ears! 🙂

  10. Celestine, you’ve made me smile.
    I need to visit your country for the beauty and the wisdom!
    Sorry I have not been around, but I have been trying to dig myself out if this hole. Been sad. I’ll get by. ❤️

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