Sniper’s Scope

Emotionally, we’ve met where enchanted
Meets encumbered
Vows repeatedly recanted
The stars are outnumbered
Pain is just the vice
Of the mentally crippled
The bereavement should suffice
But the torture has nearly tripled
I cannot forget the look in your eyes
When you spoke of our ending
You were wearing the disguise
Of Lucifer ascending
Here now you are
Asleep in our bed
I can’t get passed the mar
My trust for you is dead
Faithfully I tried
To build a lasting life
In your arms I cried
My last moments as your wife
I’ve chosen peace rather than fight
As the truth besets my heart
In the crosshairs of a gun sight
Targeting us to be apart

How to Heal My Broken Heart

I tried to kiss a sleepy memory away
With someone who reminds me of you
I couldn’t let that empty aching feeling stay
When I can imagine us beginning anew

The ghost of our love in the windswept moonlight
Swirls around in the cold night air
A whisper says to me that this vision is alright
A dusting of snow weaved a glittery patina of a pair

It’s just a touch after the smile of the afterglow
The moon fights its way passed the clouds
The wind is twisting through the falling snow
This night we’re part of separate crowds

I gaze out between the dusty blinds
With a warm heart and a cold beer at the bar
Time travels on as the clock unwinds
But in my mind I don’t go very far

I can see the cold wind blowing
In the light of this whitewashed night
Just a kiss on my lips while it’s snowing
To turn all that’s wrong into right

How to heal my broken heart
Is a secret that’s between you and me
If we piece back together what fell apart
My snow angel, it’ll make me happy

If you don’t want to heal my broken heart
I can’t say that I’d blame you
My lips locked with someone who smiled at the start
Of this night when my dreams came true

For a Former Lover on Quinquagesima Night

In the spirit of another broken dream
A frosted glass and an amber gleam
Keeping the light of love for others revealed
Or maybe it serves as a shield
In seeking recognition of good deeds
The thorns He wore, yet my heart bleeds
I gave up tempting the whirling winds of change
Before Lenten time casts sin in my range
Just another face at the bar
The pain I feel as my strength you mar
May you feel your heart skip a beat
On your way back to your seat
I look to the near future and let go of my pride
Feeling depleted as you’re not at my side
So soon in sequence, this lustful way
Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day
First, all of the hoopla on Fat Tuesday to be had
May faith’s light return to me, lest I be bad