Sniper’s Scope

Emotionally, we’ve met where enchanted
Meets encumbered
Vows repeatedly recanted
The stars are outnumbered
Pain is just the vice
Of the mentally crippled
The bereavement should suffice
But the torture has nearly tripled
I cannot forget the look in your eyes
When you spoke of our ending
You were wearing the disguise
Of Lucifer ascending
Here now you are
Asleep in our bed
I can’t get passed the mar
My trust for you is dead
Faithfully I tried
To build a lasting life
In your arms I cried
My last moments as your wife
I’ve chosen peace rather than fight
As the truth besets my heart
In the crosshairs of a gun sight
Targeting us to be apart

16 thoughts on “Sniper’s Scope

  1. Heartbreaking and beautiful. “Lucifer ascending” is such a powerful image. Let him ascend and take your peace.

  2. This is very sad, the slam of searing pain of a relationship go on is always moving. DO I detect a sense of moving forward though, or am I reading to far into this?

  3. That was a poem I wrote two years ago after I found out about his crappy ways. I have since taken two steps forward, one step back, repeatedly. I always try to move forward, but sadness creeps in. I’ll be alright.

  4. That’s still one step forward even after your one backwards. You have support here and of course your words…combined like a Transformer you will smite the sadness eventually.

  5. While certainly I am not Megatron, the support and the writing have helped a lot in making me feel like I can get through the obstacles thrown before me.thank you for the comments, support, and friendship here.

  6. I always had you down as Ultra Magnus. No need to thank me, you are on my regular blog curcuit and so I’m always around to read your words and talk about many digressive subjects.

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