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  1. I mean only in the most heartfelt manner, when we lose our drive, our hope to convey thoughtful process, that indifference leaves such a yearning still.

  2. I believe the greatest insult one can visit upon another – is to ignore them.

    When we hate someone, we acknowledge their existence. Ignore them, for they don’t!

  3. Emotionally powerful and visually dynamic. The Cronos reference is especially impressive. For me, I felt the end was representative of flipping the metaphorical bird in the direction of those who would dare submit spiteful remarks in your direction.
    Would you consider this particular poem free verse or prose poetry? Either way, it is very effective and exceptionally orchestrated.

  4. I didn’t consider it much of anything, save a cathartic release. It was certainly like an open letter to the fools who’ve tried to hurt me. I am honored by your comment.

  5. What a waste of beautifully apathetic metaphor – the target audience is probably still trying to decipher it. High-Five, Jerseygal

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