Nightmares shadow my waking life
They are ever-present and loiter around me
Placing so much weighted yet intangible strife
In the basic elements of all I see
The games of the child of my mind
The bent visions that cloud my day
Are either meant to protect or be unkind
In this hide-n-seek I’m forced to play
When the darkness creeps across the walls
With a flickering of light
The happiness that ignores my calls
Reigns divine beyond my sight
Torment strengthens as a storm within
These clouds never fade away
I feign a smile as my tears begin
The metamorphosis of inner decay

24 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. Thank you, Eric. Just honored you read my poems.
    Yes, I’ve been sad for the past two years. Very little light comes through my window. It’ll be alright. It has to…my kids need me and do give me some joy.

  2. Isn’t it always darkest just before dawn? well that’s what people say and I reckon you are about due a dawn with hues of red, orange and an interesting shade of green.

  3. Well for a kickback I will recommend money to the powers that be! Spring is thew time for new stuff and green fields and is the best season ever, well except the season Mansfield Town won the Freight Rover Trophy.

  4. Soccer comes from the olden days. Rugby and football come from the same code so it was rugby football and association football. The latter shortened to soccer, rugby dropped the football suffix but soccer was already getting around the world and so the names became interchangeable. You learn something new every day.

  5. That’s technology speak of which I am proud to be ignorant. If this was in olden times i would be a peasant with a hammer attacking machines. Luddite Ste, they would call me.

  6. Haha, nice. Are you one of those people that drive into a river if the machines tell you to? I have a phone that does texts, calls and photos and that is all I need…I don’t do modern much.

  7. Noooooo! I get to the edge of the water and the proceed to curse at Siri. I like modern tech because then I have wordpress with me all the time, so long as I do not forget to bring or charge my phone!

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