Cotton Candy Machine

The air that swirls around your lips
Tempting fate to revise our scripts
Oh don’t you dare play coy with me
A taste of you could set me free
But I cannot commence this act
As the gods grimace with unmerciful tact
Chaste chills and sweet fruit wine
Tickling teases of honeysuckle vine
You’ve painted pictures in my dreams
With gentle brush strokes at parting seams
I’m left to find myself an ocean away
From the smile that flavors this bountiful fray

Greetings and Farewell

Open to the sunlight she blooms
As I wither where darkness looms
The rose holds such esteem
My tears in a moonlit stream
Sever our connection to the heavens above
The chance for hope and light and love
Her petals may fall away
Her essence they’ll never betray
A saint nor sinner
Not a lovelorn beginner
I lie in the shadows of dreams
The fray torn from the seams
But wouldn’t it be clever
Should we never sever
To behold the unknown in our grasp
The beauty within the clasp
A deathly hollow
A mournful follow
But there’s strength in being weak
The foresight of all I seek
Need not the power
Of an exalted flower
To flourish in my mind
Life and death forever entwined

Twelve Easy Pieces

Broke my heart into two
Then you tore it into four
At six the pain wasn’t new
It doubled when you walked out the door
Shadows of love gone wrong
Have fallen below my eyes
Tender and weeping, still
The hurt I can’t disguise
In full bloom for all to see
Shards of my broken heart
Our love wasn’t meant to be
Strewn like a rose picked apart
I find the pain comforts me
As a shawl wrapped around my soul
The languishing sets me free
From playing a happier role
I can live this lie
And let you slowly fade away
Chokehold an empty sigh
For begging you to stay
The shattering was rather rough
It strangled me to the core
Had the crushing pain been enough
These pieces would shatter no more

Just For Now

Like a note scrawled on scrap paper
You found me beautifully written
A trail of a thought like vapor
A child’s missing mitten
That one piece of me
Found its way across your path
You chose to let it be
With its comfort or with its wrath
For you read me with your gentle heart
From far away, on separate ground
Someday we may need to part
But just for now, I’m safe and sound