Twelve Easy Pieces

Broke my heart into two
Then you tore it into four
At six the pain wasn’t new
It doubled when you walked out the door
Shadows of love gone wrong
Have fallen below my eyes
Tender and weeping, still
The hurt I can’t disguise
In full bloom for all to see
Shards of my broken heart
Our love wasn’t meant to be
Strewn like a rose picked apart
I find the pain comforts me
As a shawl wrapped around my soul
The languishing sets me free
From playing a happier role
I can live this lie
And let you slowly fade away
Chokehold an empty sigh
For begging you to stay
The shattering was rather rough
It strangled me to the core
Had the crushing pain been enough
These pieces would shatter no more

16 thoughts on “Twelve Easy Pieces

  1. You poem is awesome…I felt the heartfelt emotion as it touched my soul…beautifully done, i can honestly say I wished I had written it, that is how good it is. Keep sharing, you are very good! Hugs and blessings to you always my sister!

  2. Hi Eva. Glad to read that you are a little better and making a positive move to further your education. All the best for the application. Keep well and courageous. 🙂 Love, Iris.

  3. My heart has recently been in this “place” that you describe.
    I am getting better now… In a way I feel like you wrote this for me and I am glad I found it.
    I love the math in the first three lines. 🙂

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