Cotton Candy Machine

The air that swirls around your lips
Tempting fate to revise our scripts
Oh don’t you dare play coy with me
A taste of you could set me free
But I cannot commence this act
As the gods grimace with unmerciful tact
Chaste chills and sweet fruit wine
Tickling teases of honeysuckle vine
You’ve painted pictures in my dreams
With gentle brush strokes at parting seams
I’m left to find myself an ocean away
From the smile that flavors this bountiful fray

16 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Machine

  1. a theme of taste, I haven’t had a taste theme in a poem since I ate a page from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s collected works. Nice and lyrical.

  2. How did the paper taste? I would gag. Lol. I was going for that feeling of wanting something badly enough that one could taste it, no matter how forbidden the fruit.

  3. It tasted of dead rainforest, none to appetising I assure you. Wanting things..yes it is a powerful thing, it can move mountains, metaphorically.

  4. LOL I figured as much. Books don’t taste like edible underwear, even. Haha. And those things really taste like cardboard, anyway.
    To want something, at least it lets you know you’re capable of the want. I’ve felt so low too oft that even wanting was impossible.

  5. Edible underwear, never had the ‘pleasure’ which I don’t lose sleep over.

    But not anymore, want away like a fat kid in a pantry…then grab stuff with your sticky fingers and be happy…that is a good motto I think..I may get that inscribed in Latin on my coat of arms.

  6. There really is no pleasure in edible undies. At least not for me. Lol

    Omg that’s hilarious! Like a fat kid in a pantry! If you get that inscribed in Latin on your coat of arms, it would be a first, I’m sure.

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