Beyond the Umbra

It’s lonely here in this world
While the nebula’s glow has swirled
Painting the picture of our past
Even forever doesn’t last
Yet as long as there are stars in the sky
And the atmosphere never sets us awry
The night holds promise for those lost in the dark
In the distance, we know light began as a spark
Still, night is lonely and day isn’t bright
As the essence of my being dissolves without a fight
There are no arms waiting for me to curl up into this ponderous resignation
Sadness has a way of choosing me as its designation
Herewith I seek the starry sky in solitude,
and I realize at last
That even the darkest shadow had a luminous past

Pieces of Pangaea

Deep inside, my pain still lingers
As you elude the grip of guilt’s icy fingers
That you came to life so deficient
With tact and trust quite insufficient
Befuddles my mind
Yet you pureed my rind
I was encumbered by a hurtful past
Hopeful as the days are fast
Strong-willed with a quiet glance
I fought to save the last dance
For you
Without a clue
Of what you had in store
With that heart of mineral and ore
And frozen crystalline eyes
May hell’s heat be your demise
Sooner than later, I hope this world purges you
For shattering these shards that needed glue

Gray Matter Games

With the haste of a cloud
And cocooned by shroud
This is what my life brings

A softly weighted kiss goodbye
A hand that sweeps the tear from my eye
Thoughts fly away on angels’ wings

I won’t cry in this dream
Silenced by an other-wordly seam
There’s no bridge to the other side

It’s always a blur where reality ends
Close my eyes, life transcends
For all I know I could have died

Happiness is not for the meek
Never learned the words to speak
Through the years and throughout the night

I want to wake to find
old wounds have new dressings
With a smile on my face as I count my blessings
I’ll have a different view come the morning light