Gray Matter Games

With the haste of a cloud
And cocooned by shroud
This is what my life brings

A softly weighted kiss goodbye
A hand that sweeps the tear from my eye
Thoughts fly away on angels’ wings

I won’t cry in this dream
Silenced by an other-wordly seam
There’s no bridge to the other side

It’s always a blur where reality ends
Close my eyes, life transcends
For all I know I could have died

Happiness is not for the meek
Never learned the words to speak
Through the years and throughout the night

I want to wake to find
old wounds have new dressings
With a smile on my face as I count my blessings
I’ll have a different view come the morning light

10 thoughts on “Gray Matter Games

  1. A creatively apt title has been chosen for this bittersweet chimerical conception that reads fluidly with lovely tone. Nice.

  2. ‘It’s always a blur where reality ends’ I find that that is the best way to live life, let some unreality seep in, throw in a bit of random fantasy and such like…it always take one out of themselves which is as good as escapism can be when grounded in reality and of course it maybe you’ll ‘have a different view come the morning light’. Putting your words into ideas so you can’t argue them, cunning plan I think.

  3. Clever. Yes, I cannot argue with your use of my own words. My dream life varies from fantastic to horrible. I wish the best for everyone as far as dreams are concerned. I do throw a touch of fantasy in my life, just to escape the monotony of my days. It is the healthiest thing I can do or else you’ll find me dancing topless on a bar. It’s better this way! Lol

  4. Whimsy is the way for forward, otherwise it would all be dull as a grey submarine in the ocean on an overcast day and nobody likes that, especially people with a fear of water. Yes keep your top on, don’t want you catching a cold!

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