Pieces of Pangaea

Deep inside, my pain still lingers
As you elude the grip of guilt’s icy fingers
That you came to life so deficient
With tact and trust quite insufficient
Befuddles my mind
Yet you pureed my rind
I was encumbered by a hurtful past
Hopeful as the days are fast
Strong-willed with a quiet glance
I fought to save the last dance
For you
Without a clue
Of what you had in store
With that heart of mineral and ore
And frozen crystalline eyes
May hell’s heat be your demise
Sooner than later, I hope this world purges you
For shattering these shards that needed glue

20 thoughts on “Pieces of Pangaea

  1. Great joy and great disappointment transforms feelings into verse. With each poem, the healing process continues – sometimes relapses – but it continues.


  2. Thank you. I have felt as the title. Once whole, now broken…although my point of view is far reaching this way. I think there’s positiveness in being like this. For one, it’s given me the power back I had lost before all the bad things happened. I relied too much on somebody and now I rely solely on myself.

  3. It is good that you see the positive side, that is a good way yo come to terms with stuff. Relying on people will always be a risk, albeit a lot of the time very small but you will be a better judge of character for it.

  4. I just might find someone in the old age home.
    I was thinking about posting another video. I think I’ll wait for my brother’s wedding. Open bar. I could get pretty drunk.

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