Beyond the Umbra

It’s lonely here in this world
While the nebula’s glow has swirled
Painting the picture of our past
Even forever doesn’t last
Yet as long as there are stars in the sky
And the atmosphere never sets us awry
The night holds promise for those lost in the dark
In the distance, we know light began as a spark
Still, night is lonely and day isn’t bright
As the essence of my being dissolves without a fight
There are no arms waiting for me to curl up into this ponderous resignation
Sadness has a way of choosing me as its designation
Herewith I seek the starry sky in solitude,
and I realize at last
That even the darkest shadow had a luminous past

14 thoughts on “Beyond the Umbra

  1. The night holds promise for those lost in the dark.

    Fantastic line in a really good poem.

    Thanks for posting it.

  2. A great last line…I love Space…it being the final frontier and all that. A luminous past that shines upon us as most stars do…the very concept of space is so blatant I believe it to be subtle. Today I am taking a more literal look at your words because I like to be varied.

  3. I love Space, too. I mention it in some of my poems because our past and future is out there. Forever can be seen with a telescope. That’s the good stuff about life. The secrets the stars hold and what lies beyond them. That’s what gives me goosebumps.

    Be as varied as you’d like. You keep things interesting around here.

  4. I like that ‘Forever can be seen with a telescope’..that is poetic…which is handy as that is what you do! I think this is where the sci fi affinity we have comes in.

    I was going to vary all my letters but that made it unreadable so I changed it all back.

  5. “Sadness has a way of choosing me as it’s designation
    Herewith I seek the starry sky in solitude”

    Straight at my heart…wow! I feel for my partner, I’m externally fake 😦

  6. When you think about forever, it truly is in our sight with the aid of a telescope. How the stars are expanding, how nebulas swirl…that’s science right there. Forever is born from the stars. After all, they’re suns, too.

    YoU cOulD hAvE doNE th1s t0 tR¥ t0 tHroW m€ ofF.

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