Poetic Genesis

The sharp white flaws of a blank page
Give thoughts and emotions a life
Shame and emptiness birth rage
Fig leafs shroud a man and wife
So much ado about naught
What little fruit to bear
Better a page be taught
Of Eden’s serpent beware
Cover up with the soils of the day
Lest hidden truths stampede
An honest poet turns away
Unless the soul is freed
The giver of life conquered pain
Daily, the burdens were carried
Tears like heavy rain
Unveil the liar she married
Loud is the big empty hall
How stark the truth can be
Dawn follows each nightfall
Fear not the uncertainty


10 thoughts on “Poetic Genesis

  1. “Dawn follows each nightfall”

    Very true. Promises of new beginnings – or old dreads. Welcome the former, bury the latter.


  2. ‘The sharp white flaws of a blank page’, nothing beats that canvas on which to create. ‘Fear not the uncertainty’…good words which I shall attempt to embrace but don’t quote me on that!

  3. It’s always good to push the barriers of the comfort zone, I try and do that by trying each of the guest ales down the local pub.

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