For Those Who Create

This poem is brilliant. He thinks he is a novice, but he amazes me with the depth of his words.

Book to the Future


For Those Who Create…From One Who Reads

Suspended in this limbo
I choose to look deeply into the heart
Seeking your soul
this layered world established in intricate rules of delicate complexity.

The labyrinthine nature of density ensnares and inveigles,
deeper in the journey taken, is the roused traveller
on footpaths unseen and unfamiliar, yet innately known
the imprint of transcendence.

Inward images reveal the world outside,
Perception once unknown, now recognised with ill disguised vigour
All is…forever changed,
cognisance complete

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Confessions in the Belfry

All I wish could be mine
Is scattered in the forever that stretches afar
From atop this sanctuary divine
The angels magnificent boudoir

The town is crowned by diamonds at night
And agelessly ages as morning dew
Forgotten come mid-day light
Tomorrow to begin anew

I can’t digest what’s been cast out into the dark
And the onerous clanging of doom
By the empty vessels of cold and stark
Viewing life with such gloom

Between here and there I’m in the crease
Absolved eternally of what others stockpile in the abyss
I stand in its majesty alone in peace
Patiently waiting for the new day’s kiss