Act of Contrition

Please write me a life in your heart
With words that run off the page
Like my blood as my veins tore apart
After you left in anger and rage
Please find me a nook in your dreams
Where you dance naked exposing your soul
Your sleep is where my spirit beams
You can make my brokenness whole
Please don’t change the script of fate
I’m the story arc of your blood
Forever is such a long wait
For your heart and dreams to flood
I’m in silence wishing for your return
A poem not fully expressed
When my ashes spilled into the urn
Truths ceased to be confessed
Pieces of me are in the air you breathe
Denying love is a fallow path
Oh how it makes all creation seethe
And builds the gods’ mighty wrath
Please find my soul in the sky
Beautifully written beyond the Kuiper Belt
In frozen darkness, alone I cry
Your radiance here can’t be felt
Wherever you find me now
Please keep me infused in your core
For as long as time will allow
Reconciling the veins that I tore

10 thoughts on “Act of Contrition

  1. A belated welcome back. It’s always interesting to follow your emotional journey through life. A poem not fully expressed. I like that and it does beg the question how many senses and how much time does it take to fully express?

  2. Thanks. It feels like I’m a flower always withering away before being in full bloom. I’d give anything to flourish! I believe fear holds me back. Once bitten, twice shy. To see, hear, smell, touch, and taste all of what I am capable of is very much out of reach. But, on a better note, I close on my house in Florida on the 19th! Yay.

  3. Fear i a very tough thing to beat but I think you will, change is in the air for you and a move could be the very thing which will bring you back to full bloom as you put it.

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