Goodbye to Seventh Heaven

Vanquishing all hopes and dreams
A future in silent screams
Never to have the pleasure
Of surmounting the treasure
Of the beauty of your life
Dreaming of being your wife
The light of your dimpled grin
It quenched my thirst from within
And I would become brand new
With beauty to me from you
Your gift in making me tall
For the heavens cannot fall
Yet I felt like a young star
Wondrous but naive by far
As the soft rays of my light
Humbly reflected the blight
Of a love that was quite vast
Blemished from a painful past
This ache in my soul is deep
My fall from your heaven – steep

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Seventh Heaven

  1. It is difficult to use rhyme in a manner that doesn’t appear monotonous but you have succeeded in doing so in this melancholy piece. Nice work G.

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