Andromeda’s Web

I’m not a girl with the sea at my feet in the morning
Having been beyond the horizon in the dogeared pages of the night sky
The vast encyclopedia of the love of lovers
Is trapped inside time’s vacuum of loneliness
The light I know is from distant memories
And it again is consumed by empty promises
Like wishing upon a star that faded long ago
All desire has fallen prey to the science of lies
This hurt masquerades as the truth
My pain is beautiful

Sanctified Moonlight

The darkest of nights I couldn’t break free
Thought hopelessly bleak was my destiny
Now these embers of desire are lit for you
Like the sky as it wears a warm night’s hue
I sense you have a tender heart
Nobly lacking a caustic part
Like an orange glow in the dusk sky
With the rising moon, eternally shy
I was regretfully praying rejected prayers
Trying to avoid my mind’s tangled snares
Then in the mild light as my past began to fade
I found my innocence again with the love we made
Looking to the moon before my lucid dreams
Guiding me to you with lucent gleams