Morning Star

I focus on the distant light

Purple and pink and orange too

Across a net in the sky they fight

Up high like cinematic lovers do

The grains of time under my feet

Light and silky before the season begins

There as my rectangular afghan

Parachutes down by the grace of my shins

Tackled beneath me

Swaddled up with a black velour hood

Plunking down

Wrapping around me as it would

The wind sweeps

As the day breaks

My heart leaps

My hands shake

As I see your midnight eyes peeking from a hood

And it’s so freeing to finally see

That forever this time is truly good

Because you’re in love with me

And as we walk to close the divide

The jolt of frosty winter waters

Left behind like a jilted bride

Makes us flee to closed quarters

So here we meet

We’ve come so far

Kissing in the backseat

Beneath a morning star