Seaside Escape 

I revisit these memories,
A touch of the past,
A shop filled with broken antiques,
Where I still cannot pick up the pieces.
Echoes of memories,
Ramblings of the sea,
the grains of sand and shards of shells
Bore the test of time
Just like me
Frayed but not forgotten
Like a porcelain doll’s
Yellowed dress and faint musk
Time’s enveloped passive touch
Roars at the indignity of want
Raw, fleeting,
Off a forgotten shelf
And mindless of the future,
Out the shop’s door
And into oblivion,
An old memory no more

Unsung Psalm

Love is not gentle

Nor it is kind
It’s violent in the ways it flails about in failure
After having tried to scream it out
In the cold vacuum of the night
Voiceless and naive 
Believing in its own power
Loud are the pangs of want
Lost in the stridor of petulance 
Digging deeper into the chasm of a collapsing crescendo
A song, a kiss, a life choking out its last moment of need
Beyond love’s finality and austerity looms impatience 
Say nothing of kind and gentle once more