Unsung Psalm

Love is not gentle

Nor it is kind
It’s violent in the ways it flails about in failure
After having tried to scream it out
In the cold vacuum of the night
Voiceless and naive 
Believing in its own power
Loud are the pangs of want
Lost in the stridor of petulance 
Digging deeper into the chasm of a collapsing crescendo
A song, a kiss, a life choking out its last moment of need
Beyond love’s finality and austerity looms impatience 
Say nothing of kind and gentle once more

2 thoughts on “Unsung Psalm

  1. Hello, Eric!
    This was a quick thought I had about the famous Psalm. I feel there is nothing patient or kind or gentle about love, for the sheer wanting of someone or something overrides all that innate wholesomeness we’re supposed to have. Thank you for such a kind compliment on this piece.
    Happy Easter.

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