Scrawled in the Sand

I hear the gentle chop of the sea

Where this love be stills my heart

My cries set the early morning free

And the miles that tear us apart

The air reached its weight capacity 

How tangible this subtropical night

Drowning me with its balmy opacity

Before the dawn’s tranquil light

If you ever feel a draft

I’ll be the one against your skin

The mighty clouds have laughed

But the sun won’t let them win

I wait on the shore as it rises

A reflection of you fades from my side

Just another of my fate’s guises

Washing the life from me come high tide


Article about my friend, Nicole

This newspaper article about my friend, Nicole, blogger at, is inspiring, and I hope you all will pass it along. Her life-changing SDR surgey for cerbral palsy is what she advocates, along with rights for the disabled.

Mi Fughetta

In the blatant stall of summer’s blaze
Where willows dare not weep

The quiet symphony my soul plays

And into your heart should seep

Yet the metronome has been counting time

And maybe the rhythm’s not right

Just reset the crescendo’s descent and climb

A weeping willow’s blight

Then it’s all staccato and loud

Chasing you away

A brilliant roll of a thunderous cloud

The drummer has to play

Stellar as it seems

Magnificence does fall

The beauty of your heart’s surrender

To my love song after all