The Umbra and the Equinox 

The moonlight is too distant
With muted stars fading everywhere 
Remnants of my feelings 

Hollow yet filled with despair 

Just reckless in choosing 

My heart to find the way

I’m bound to my truth

Lonely, and misfortunately gray

I cannot bring back the past

It’s gone to a distant universe

Left here, I’m fallow

Something time cannot reimburse

This won’t be unfulfilling 

I fully trust what lies ahead

In emptiness there’s solace

Nurtured, my soul won’t go unfed

Somewhere up the road of life

I’m back to finding you

My purpose in this timeless cycle

Discover an alternate view 


2 thoughts on “The Umbra and the Equinox 

  1. It reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago, when I gave up on searching for a sincere love…! It will come your way soon! Here is the poem I wrote then, i hope it moves you and makes your heart smile. Hugs and blessings!


    Sometimes I feel so crazy now
    Especially at night so very alone
    My heart and soul feel so empty
    As my thoughts seem to roam

    It seems entirely different these days
    How my mistakes I seem to repeat
    Whenever I lead with my emotions
    Not really evaluating what my eyes see

    It seems I become more uneasy now
    No longer sure If I should take a chance
    As it seems each time I lead with my heart
    It always ends in another broken romance

    So I think i’ll hold still for the present
    Placing my faith in God that I will not slip
    And the wife I have asked Him for
    Will come into my life with a lasting bliss.

    (November 1976)
    May peace embrace your
    heart and mind dear sister!

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