Last Prayer 

Crouching beside my bed
in case time will vaporize me before the light of day
I am just me
While here, in this anopheles pose I am alive
Here I am innocent
barren and bereft
of that which I found within the ebb and flow of your tenderness
I need
I hunger
Electricity rushes through my fingertips
delivering precursory messages from the depths of my soul
alerting me that I will have you again
I must
I am not woeful in my yearning
as I disguise myself within these misaligned shadows
that quietly creep across me
and hush behind the umbra
that lies beyond the afterglow
The hollow late night air scorches me with its bold confessions
As I consider my own salvation is lost deep within your arms
a last prayer drifts from my parted lips
For once I was lost, and now I am found.

For the Scintillating Star Shine

When love spills throughout the night

Where tears once had all the fanfare

And lusty ways conquer hearts

That never knew such care
The parting lips of an eternity of sorrow

Release the pain within

Such fierce kisses commence

To let a new eternity begin
Take flight in me

I’m the other half of your soul

Find your way into the heavens

Let’s make each other whole
Up in the starry sky

Reach across all time

To where you’ll feel the real me

I’ll be worth the climb

For All Eternity 

The curtain closes on the day
The clouds came to lead the way
Just know that you have all of me
For all eternity
I think about you even when I should not
I loved you even when I could not
I fear the moments that have traveled on
Plucked me from your heart and are gone
Those moments that lie between the love of lovers
Fall victim to the night like the stars’ cloud covers
Where do sailors look when they search for the shore
Wandering alone with the night tide as a lure?
Waiting for the stars to shine again
Waiting for my broken heart to mend
Waiting for the light of day
Waiting for you finally say…
That you want me
For all eternity

Star Wars

He’s a million stars

Lighting up a perfect sky

The blanket of night

Wondrous to the naked eye


His heart’s astray

The Kuiper Belt

In the Milky Way

Scared to know the truth

So he’ll never hear a sound

Frozen tears fall

But never hit the ground


I’m the pieces that linger

In an echo

Of a come hither finger

A million stars

Beyond the curtain of candlelight

I’ll linger in a dream

To escape his heart’s flight


I’d like to say I love you

With ten million stars sparkling overhead

And an equal amount of champagne bubbles flirting along with our pheromones 

I’d like to say and do these things

But you’re not with me tonight

Alone I walk the nighttime beach with the grains of sand scattering about 

As the breeze off the whipped foam water drowns out the vastness of the starlight 

And masks the tears of this solitary confinement

Losing My Sea Legs

Rushing to the finish line
The merciless last call
And out the door forevermore

Another insurmountable haul
There is a slow and deliberate wave

That I do

I’m reticent, even with the breaths I draw

Minus a few
I’m trying to gauge this divide

Inhaling the fumes

What lies between us

Two hearts once in bloom
The waiting and wade as the tide rolls in

Drowning out the distance

Cold seeks warm

In the path of least resistance 
I wave goodbye to all those I left behind

Or is it hello?

I see the stars all new and sparkly 

But they’re from a long, long time ago
New and sparkly like what I can be to you

The tide rolls in as I wave

I hear my name called from beyond my stare

But it’s unlikely I’ll be brave
My heart is weak

My head is pounding

I’ll always be there

In the dark surroundings


In the sun, frying into a parched crispness,

Vapors of my soul’s essence release

And are freed from the dreariness of unrequited love 

It is my hope that this love finds and binds

with the one who has caused me to drink in tears

Drowning my future happiness

Ruining all the promises that a heart holds inside

Where it becomes imprinted for many sorrowfully empty years, and death has no fire escape 

My Birthday is January 15th

This Wednesday is the day. Stop by and say hi. I’m a little down and could use some good cheer. The cheater’s concubine blames me for their problems, says he who should be castrated. He says she is jealous of me. He’s asked me to close my facebook and twitter accounts because my pictures cause her to spiral out of control. Sorry, but anyone who is jealous or whatever of me has to know I’m a quiet, shy, keep-to-myself girl who doesn’t like games and drama. My photos, my accounts, shouldn’t even be viewed by either of those two. Yet, I let it get to me and cry myself to sleep. Ugh. Anyway, karma seems to have avoided them. So, wish me well. Thank you.

Update: Sorry I haven’t commented/visited many blogs. Just been very down lately. I will catch up!

7X7 Link Award

Thank You Once Again!

Posted on April 7, 2012

I want to thank David Eric Cummins of The Noise of Silence for the 7X7 Link Award!  Everyone check out David’s wonderful poetry! :)

The rules of this award:

1.  Tell everyone something they don’t know about you.

I have always wanted to live in California and often cannot sleep because I am afraid to wake up disappointed that I am still stuck here in New Jersey.

2.  Link to posts that I think best fit the following categories:

Most Beautiful-

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Most Pride-Worthy- (I was angry and I have a wicked sense of humor)

3.  Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

Here are seven of my favorites:

All seven of these blogs (plus ) are truly awesome blogs!