It is said that what goes up
Must come down.
Yours were the pair of hands to cup,
Why the heavens frown.
Caught before it slipped away,
Beautiful soul, beautiful day.

The storm came on a little harder,
Yet, I landed oh so gently.
There’ll be no playing martyr,
Back to heaven, love, you’ve sent me.
God had sent you my way,
Beautiful soul, beautiful day.

Just a feather swept up by the wind,
You’re words were solid ground,
For this fallen angel who’s sinned.
Heaven’s heavy wings are unwound,
Now that I’m here to stay,
Beautiful soul, beautiful day.

I never thought I’d feel you like this,
Reaching out to me from afar.
The tickle of desire for our first kiss,
Eyes upon heaven, wishing on a star.
That’s the irony of our little play.
Still, your beautiful soul made my day.