Please don’t drown this Love

At the cold edge of the river

And the night is shining on

Reflecting the lives of the people

In the towers nearby

Do they know I am alone

Out here and crying

As they sleep or eat or work

In this night

I am the one looking for a moment

Of hope and light

By this river

That tells me that I can only see

Darkness in the water

And love that escapes my grasp

I kick at it

And skim rocks upon it

And the hope fades

As I sit by the edge

Counting the ripples

With the assistance of the light

From the towers where people

Live or work

And I wonder if they know

That the lights they are casting

Upon the water

Help me see that tomorrow

Will be as dark as this night

And as heavy as the rocks

I have skimmed

That sank before I could say

“Please don’t drown this love.”

Another for you…

I have cried myself to sleep all week

The punishment for the sorrowful meek

The starlight gleams through the window pane

But the morning will come all the same

And I will still feel your hand in mine

A first for me, through all of time

I felt the heat in your eyes and I knew

that I needed to be with you and only you

My skin feels like it crawls upon the dry dirt

Finding my way through the anger and hurt

The long road through forever is lonely now

But my feelings won’t ever change, this I vow

So find me in twenty years and see

If another chance you want to take with me

The stars in the heavens don’t shine for this love

And by the looks of things I see you have had enough

I truly felt I was with my soul mate

And now I know it is far too late

To take back all the anger I had caused

To take back all the time that was paused

Upon your journey to being a better man

I suppose I was the glitch in that plan

And sorry is all I can feel tonight

As this love won’t fade beneath the starlight.

I am not mad

I feel a tap on my shoulder

And the exhausting earth stands still

I feel the heat of his touch

Sear my soul

I am mad

He is all I have wanted

But he is younger

I lust for his lips

And drink him in when I can

When he wraps his arms around me

The sweet smell of him

Seductively swirls around me

And he is in me

In my veins

Upon my lips

And I want him inside me

Righting all my wrongs

Until he feels he’s found my soul

which he had branded simply with a touch

And I am mad

Because he can so have all of me

The times in my life I wanted to give

Yet I withheld all I was out of fear

He has never made me afraid

To express my desires

But I never expected this to happen

So I am mad

That it is here

Without warning

The tap on my shoulder

Makes the weary world disappear

I am not mad

I am simply falling….

Angel: A Valediction upon the eve of your feather-shedding 11/26/91

Tonight you’ll soar

higher than the rain clouds

that have grayed your day.

And slowly,

but surely,

each and every feather you’ve been donning

will take you to new heights.

Maybe one or two you’ve left behind,

will set the stage in my mind,

and I’ll know, as I did a year ago,

that letting you free

was an easier task

than letting you go on loving me.

Tonight those feathers left behind

are all the thoughts making sense in my mind.

Your abandoned plume makes me sad,

but it’s the only tangible reminder of what we had,

of what we did,

of how you shared,

of how I hid my love for you

within the pages of my book.

My unread treasure,

the one I feared you’d find.

The words rarely spoken upon my mind.

Still so true,

this love for you.

My God, these feathers,

they belong to you.

Tonight, Dear Sweet,

please don’t give the rest away.

Don’t leave behind…

don’t let love stay…

in her arms…


Like the Light

Stare across the table,

the way the light particles

all seem to fight for him,

I wish this dream was true,

and not a false word could he speak.

Stare across the car,

the play of shadow

and light upon his frame,

he wears it so well.

If I could get him to take the rest off,

I would know for sure

how much the light wants to be

worn by him.

Could he wear me that way?

If I could get him to take the rest off,

I know I would find out

that I would always want to stay

around him,

upon him,

like the light.


Crown of Thorns

My daddy said on our wedding day,

“Princess, you are to be crowned Queen today.

I hope his love for you never slips away.”

My mother crowned me with my wedding veil,

and told me her love for me would forever stay.

I felt all of the honor and glory from the angels

in heaven above,

and felt blessed that day to be surrounded

by so much love.

How was I to know?

Who in the world would see,

where on earth did you love go,

or how unhappy I would be?

If only the angels in heaven

could have sounded

their trumpets and horns,

to warn me that the crown of my veil

would someday be replaced

by a crown of thorns.

Bandaged Heart (Yes, this is about you)

A wound,

seems like forever

before it leaves a scar behind.

The bandage,

is more like a blindfold in the way

it temporarily makes one go blind,

to the gaping hole of its existence.

I am the bandage

to a wound that I had not caused.

I don’t want to be this tie

that binds your broken pieces together.

I only want to see you whole again,

and if that means without me,

I will be happy for you,

but sad for me.

love has gotten cold

your hand to hold

fear the that our ties will sever

I will be without you forever

the marrow of the bone

the light that hardly shone

the silence between your words

the anger and the hurt

is fear for the divide

is fear by my side

is fear in losing you

is fear when love is true

long to celebrate your being near me

you I love so dearly

all the words you had said

me in fear and doubt and regret.