Goodbye, Old Flame

My heart, a mere puddle of melted wax

Had been forgotten and frowned upon

Faith and hope, my spirit lacks

The glow within is forever gone

Once a candle burning bright

Fate took the helm with rain and wind

And changed the course of the night

I paid the price for all who sinned

With my vision oh so weak

As the tears made it hard to see

The truth, my lips feared to speak

Nobody will ever truly love me

Engraving Hearts on Trees

I imagine you carving a figurine
The trees giving way for your knife
Sitting alongside a rippling ravine
Wood chips a-scatter as your dream life
I wish I could see
The world through your eyes
You set it free
In a poetic demise 
One with the earth
Though your sight’s on pastel skies
Seeking a re-birth
Of your other-worldly ties
When your soul is found
Where dark shadows roam
Have a look around
Your knife, my heart, your home

Dusky Moon Farewell

I’m in a medley of mixed emotions
Surrounded by a perfect sky
And we’re set apart by oceans
Heartache’s been my lullaby
I’m lost in a time of finding
Like the sunset on this day
Beautiful as it is blinding
The night calls for a guided way
But the stream to your heart
Isn’t glowing
Like our bond that broke apart
From the knowing
Of the hands we were dealt
Instead of holding
That instinct to retreat we felt
Our love was folding
I imagine the light that was you
Darkened, as an abandoned home
Yet, I’ll stick to the memories like glue
No matter how far I roam



Shadows fading across the wall
For I find your glow is pure
It wraps my soul like a shawl
And fastens as a brooch, secure
Rendezvous with you
It would be nice
Hesitations seem few
I’ll roll the dice
You like my smile and my rhyme
Set on a page
Separated by distance and time
In a digital age
It’s the wanting to feel alive
From across the miles
Through you my soul will thrive
And adorn my face with smiles
The flame may flicker at summer’s end
When the leaves lose their fresh tone
 You’ll find me again with a click of send
Underneath my blanket, all alone
I’ll wait for your light
To guide me beyond the darkened day
And even in the night
I’ll remember shadows never stay

Cloud Nine?

Marshmallow blanket rendered
Tenacity about my feet
As what dreams surrendered
Before we gray daylight meet
Let me wake from this dream
And stare you down for truth
You are not as you seem
Gin and tonic’s icy couth
That which did attract
Will wax and wane
I can’t add then subtract
My feelings to sustain
The green of the trees
Nature’s bounty, summer’s day
Fades into a fawny breeze
Still, I’ll kick the blanket away

Flak Jacket

Dear Readers,

I have reached the darkest of my days. I lack hope that light will reach me again. I will no longer fake my way through It.  I am sorry, but my sorrow runs deep.  I don’t know why it is always me feeling this way.  I abhor this life of constant heartache, filled with too many tears. 

This was written for the one who blacked out the hope. Turn the other cheek, and I do, even in despair…


Flak Jacket
If you’re ever overcome
By the rustling of the leaves
Listen with your heart
As history tells of ancient beliefs
The souls of the dead
Remained with essential gear
So when I pass away
I’ll stay very near
You’ll always have me
No matter when
If the trees are barren
They’ll be green soon again
Never feel alone
Forgotten or sad
I’ll live forever
In the love that we had 







Drifting through a hazy net
The sun sneaks by the roses
Forgotten morning prayers absolved
I sneer at the grace He shows us
The day begins with clouds and dew
In my realm, the sun struggles to be freed
This early baptism of nature beckons
Anointed ones, take heed
A gown of mist surrounds my feet
And I wear its color well
I clip a red rose from the vine
Christ’s love, its beauty tells
Pierced my finger, a crimson tide
Then a tear slips from my eye
Advising me to be a faithful soul
To give light one more try



The night air will not swaddle me
In a thick, warm blanket tonight
Traveling with you through the Plains
In truth, it’s a lulling sleep I fight
As the radio fades in the distance
You’re all my dreams come to life
Yet, I’m awake and in so much pain
My star, your distance, a bloody knife
We drive to an empty field
Grab the blanket and gaze up high
Stretched back, you kiss my lips
A tear slips from my eye
The light from Earth’s crowning heavens
As wondrous as it seems
Can never out measure our love
In my lucid, starry night dreams 

Love in Sleepwalking’s Time

The fog clings about the foothills
And dresses a wounded heart
This isn’t a welcomed bandage
Its density echoes a time apart
I wave through the thick, white air
As if I were walking through a web
A swirl of precipitation surrounds me
Your soul drifts away in its ebb
Unshackled from a painful past
In the sunrays, warm and pale
Now here I stand gazing lovingly upon
A groom lifting his bride’s veil

This Isn’t a Love Story

Blue is the eyesight blinded in the dark
Abridging the misty-eyed view of contrasts quite stark
Secrets swirled and scrawled upon our abode
And a shock of lies, suddenly,  to me bestowed
So now as I pass by that place
While tears and fears outline my face
I envision an atmosphere of turmoil
Where distressed emotions soil
A house that was never a home
Torn from the binding of an ancient tome